Speak Out 2/1/13

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pay raise

I read in the paper about the pay increases of some of the county offices, which are totally unjustified. But an interesting fact was the person making the Speak Out comment said they only received a 1.7 percent Social Security raise. I have worked for seven years and have not received any raise at all, and my insurance has gone up over 16 percent in the past two years, along with all the other increases in taxes. I would welcome any pay raise.

Obama's speech

I watched Obama's last speech and he said, "Now is the time" to get all of America's problems taken care of. Hey man, that's what you said four years ago.

Place to walk

We have the Osage Centre and the mall for walkers in Cape Girardeau that are good safe places. Why do we not have any in Jackson? Get with the program. Get us a good safe place to walk.

Animal accidents

I read about the puppy who was saved by so many people who worked together after he was hit and left on the side of the road. It's a great thing, but I couldn't help but to think about the person who hit him and sped away. You see this all the time with squirrels and possums in the road. People who do this are cowards; bullies are cowards and only go after some poor creatures.

Road work

I would like to comment on the concrete work done on Broadway. Fronabarger did a great job. It looks nice, and I've seen them work before and have worked around them working for a power company. Their guys do excellent work. I wish the city would employ them to take care of the work they're doing on Perryville Road. They would have done a better job, and you pay for what you get.

AR-15 ban

There were no AR-15 rifles used in the school shootings. So why are they trying to ban them?

Federal building

Thank you, Mayor Rediger, for the laugh of the day. "The federal building is the biggest negative on the Broadway street scape." Look at the boarded up storefronts as you stroll up Broadway or the old Esquire theater and then tell me it's the biggest negative. It brings new meaning to the word negative.

Congressional salaries

To the caller complaining about members of Congress making $174,000, that isn't that much when you have to keep two residences. You have to keep an eye at home and in Washington. They have to eat, and there are meetings, business dinners, etc. I think you would be better off complaining about comedians getting paid $7 million a year with hateful attitudes like Letterman. I'm going to complain about those who make the real big bucks.

Gun law

Do people remember back in other countries when they took the guns away from other people and how that all ended up. We should be very careful. We are losing our rights one by one, and they're trying to make us a different kind of country.

Shootings, abortion

I would like to comment about the school shooting. How will they stop school shootings when there are hundreds of abortions going on a day? There are hundreds of babies killed by Planned Parenthood. How do you tell people don't kill when its legal to kill babies?

Smoking, babies

I just saw two women smoking in their car with a baby in the back seat. That should be a crime. A little baby shouldn't have to inhale secondhand smoke.

Speeding problem

I travel Hwy. 34 three times a week. Apparently people don't know what the speed limit is; people push you up to 60 mph and still ride my bumper. It would eliminate a lot of problems to post more speed limit signs and patrol the area.

Student achievement

Kudos to Missouri for raising the bar on teacher preparation. However, Missouri DESE should beware of a plan stressing graduation rates over student achievement. A relative who teaches English in Texas has seniors who cannot write a sentence and barely read. To push graduation rates degrades the value of high school diploma. No wonder a college degree costing thousands of dollars is needed for many entry- level jobs.

Walk your dog

Winter is here and days are cold. People get lazy, and instead of walking their dogs they're letting them roam. The reason we know is we're finding clumps of their feces in our yard. Please walk your dog instead of letting it loose.

Lazio for president

If the Republicans want to win the next election get Rick Lazio out of New York. He has enough gravitas and spunk.

County decisions

Let me get this straight. Pete Frazier informed us we had to raise the personal property taxes because there wasn't enough money to make up. Then they turn around and hire someone as a floodplain manager. What is that? They gave Angel Woodruff a raise? The poor keep getting poorer because we have to make up for the rich taking from us.

Obama's policies

Thank goodness Barack Obama was re-elected. There are real signs that the policies he had implemented, policies Mitt Romney would have reversed, are poised to promote a real economic recovery and a return to prosperity.

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