Letter to the Editor

Response to Beussink letter

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mr. Beussink, do you understand that a person's choice to have an abortion does not directly affect you or your children? It may indirectly affect society by not having another child available for adoption by couples wanting children, or one less potential Einstein in the world, but it has no direct effect on you or your children. The moral choice is between them and God.

Do you also understand that a person firing a weapon that can shoot 800 bullets a minute [like the one at Sandy Hook] does affect me and my child? If a shooter shows up at a basketball game there is a greater chance my child is dead than if he had a gun that took longer to shoot? No one is wanting to take away your "right to bear arms," but where are my rights to protect my child?

If there was a new weapon and all you had to do was point it at someone and that person would be vaporized with no trace of existence, should that weapon be legal also? There is not much difference. It is like being made to wear a seat belt. It is the smart thing to do. And watch the name calling. Only our heavenly Father has the right to judge. Anyone else doing so is the act of "hypocrisy." Respectfully, look it up.