Out of the past 1/27/13

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Surveys have been mailed to registered voters of the Nell Holcomb R-4 School District, which will help determine the district's future; the elementary district is experiencing high operating costs because of sending its secondary students to Jackson and Cape Girardeau Central high schools.

Edward A. Frenzel of Jackson is the first Republican to file for Cape Girardeau County coroner; he is a nurse at Saint Francis Medical Center and an instructor at the Cape Girardeau Area Vocational School.


Dr. Irene Neu, professor of history at State College, is the speaker in the evening at the fifth annual St. Paul's Guild dinner at St. Mary's Cathedral School; she speaks on "An American Looks at Catholic Europe."

CHAFFEE, Mo. -- Oscar Griffin, 42, a farmer in the Blomeyer, Mo., area, was injured Friday in an unusual accident; Griffin was attacked by a large Red Duroc boar while feeding the animal; the hog attacked him suddenly, tossing and tumbling him in the air; the farmer received a deep laceration of the left knee and numerous bruises; his injuries might have been worse had he not been wearing four pairs of trousers and heavy clothing to protect him from the severe cold.


John Soutiea, local game conservation agent, said Feb. 11 has been set as the date for the first of a series of bobcat hunts; the exact spot for the chase hasn't yet been selected.

Two intrepid Missourian reporters, hoping to meet the mysterious "tapper" who recently molested a man walking through Old Lorimier Cemetery in the wee hours of the morning, find nothing amiss in the old graveyard during their cold, early-morning stay.


River agent W.S. Albert receives a telegram from the Lee Line offices in Memphis saying the Georgia Lee would leave there today for St. Louis and expects to depart that city on its return trip Saturday; this will be the first boat of the year in the packet business; if the weather continues warm, other boats will make an appearance soon.

Capt. George Ash lectures in the evening on "Barbarous Mexico" at the Opera House; he'll repeat his tale of carnage and revolution tomorrow night, as well.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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