Out of the past 1/25/13

Friday, January 25, 2013


Robert Hahn, a consulting engineer, and Melvin Gateley, a retired school administrator, are the latest to announce they want to be considered for appointment to the Cape Girardeau County Commission; a vacancy on the commission will occur next month when J. Ronald Fischer resigns to become city manager of Cape Girardeau.

The Salvation Army here has new officers directing its daily operations: Major and Mrs. John Robinson.


Discomfort from winter's sharp bite abates, but the milder temperatures bring no improvement to the situation on the Mississippi River, which has too much ice and not enough water; the mercury failed to plunge below zero overnight for the first time in three days and manages to reach 23 degrees in Cape Girardeau by late morning.

Missouri Utilities Co. directors have authorized company officials to proceed with plans to consolidate a number of its operations here into a unified center on a four-acre site the company owns on Minnesota Avenue.


Speech corrective work, under a new division of the state department of education, has been expanded in the Cape Girardeau Public Schools, with the supervisory plan here to be used as something of a model for the remainder of the state; it is estimated that 10 percent of the pupils in all Missouri schools have speech defects.

A year ago the great Ohio-Mississippi river flood was hurling its mightiest force against Southeast Missouri's levees; later, it pushed them aside and submerged 130,000 acres of one county's finest farm land in its muddy lap, driving 8,000 residents of the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway from their homes.


The Losey Marine Motor works has rented offices in the Himmelberger-Harrison Building, where the engineering department under Frank G. Losey and the purchasing department managed by James J. Egbert will be located; the first shipment of pattern shop material is expected next week.

W.L. Shuck is preparing to open a new dry cleaning shop at 516 Broadway, the name of the new firm being Parisian Cleaning and Dye Works.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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