Speak Out 1/25/13

Friday, January 25, 2013

Low-income houses

I think the housing authority needs to make these low-income houses better. Some of the houses on the program don't need to be on the program. If you get the government to help you pay your bills they just want to live with anything, and that's not right. Landlords just want the money. The housing authority needs to be stricter on landlords. Some of these houses aren't fit for dogs to live in.

Letter grades

Children's Educational Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) wants each public school to be assigned a letter grade. Why should this organization care since its goal is to use taxpayer money to establish nonpublic, charter schools and, in my view, destroy public education as we know it.

Obama's arrogance

I have a request for King Obama. Please stop throwing the phrase "the American people" around every time you are trying to support one of your dictatorial ideas. You won by a very slim margin, and there are almost as many people who disagree with you as agree with you. So using this phrase almost as often as you use the word me or my, which is very often, is getting quite sickening. With the arrogance you strut around with, all you need is a crown.

Obama on Fox

I would like to see the president on Fox News where he would be asked some harder questions. These other stations just ask him easy questions and he stumbles around with words and never answers anything.

Mo. Legislature

I guess the Missouri Legislature is filled with John C. Calhoun types, screaming to high heaven that they will vote to nullify any federal gun control measures because they believe the proper interpretation of the state and federal constitution allows it. Apparently these demagogues either don't know that question was settled as a result of the U.S. Civil War or are simply willing to waste taxpayer time and money so that their top priority will forever remain the purist form of political posturing and preening.

Guard in school

I just read that Gov. Nixon opposes guns in school. I wonder if he or Congress would be willing to give up their armed guards. It would be interesting to see these people. They want you to give up your guns but aren't willing to do the same. The president is against private ownership of guns.

Assessing threats

I just read a story in the Post Dispatch about assessing threats of future violence. Maybe that's the way of stopping children from becoming killers. The secret service walks around a crowd and they can pick out the ones who will be threats by watching them. We should train people in our schools to do that. They can tell who will be trouble by watching them. Just watch the children and they can tell. We should train people to do that in school. It would be a lot less expensive than arming deputies and teachers.

Leaf pickup, taxes

Another caller telling people to take personal responsibility and clean up their own leaves. Are they not aware that we pay for this service along with our trash pick up? It's the city's responsibility, and they're doing a very poor job.

Mickelson taxes

Phil Mickelson thinks he's getting a raw deal on taxes. He takes home more than $25 million a year after taxes for playing golf. If someone earns one thousand times more for swinging a golf club than swinging a hammer, he should pay a higher tax rate as well.

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