Speak Out 1/24/13

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Selection committee

It's not exactly democracy in action. Eighty-six people will get to cast 100 votes to choose the successor to Jo Ann Emerson and about 25 percent of those votes come from just 10 households. Beyond that, some in the nominating process don't even live in the congressional district. And then there's poor old Pemiscot County, an important part of the district wanting to help choose a nominee, that will be shut out of the process.

Less polarization

With the exception of the relatively small number of tea partyers and a few other malcontents, I think we're on the verge of entering another Era of Good Feelings. This was a period in American history when bitter partisanship gave way to compromise and a restoration of American unity and purpose. Pure conservatism and liberalism are giving way to a common sense pragmatism. Except for the purists, polarization is on the wane and none too soon.

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