Out of the past 1/24/13

Thursday, January 24, 2013


St. Mark Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau officially became a part of the 5.2 million member Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) on Jan. 3, along with more than 11,000 Lutheran churches across the U.S.; the ELCA is the result of a merger among the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, the American Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church in America.

The second annual Mission Awareness is held at Centenary United Methodist Church and features Dr. John and Betty Johannaber, mission interpreters.


Nature clamped a frigid, arctic fist on Cape Girardeau and the district last night, squeezing out a temperature reading of 14 degrees below zero at the municipal airport; Jacksonians were even colder, with the temperature falling to 21 degrees below.

Traffic on the ice-blocked Mississippi River is at a standstill, halted by low water, an expanding ice gorge north of Cairo, Ill., and a frozen river north of St. Louis; the river stage in Cape Girardeau -- one of its lowest levels in many years -- is 3.9 feet.


A springlike gale sweeps Cape Girardeau early in the morning, leaving in its wake uprooted trees and small limbs covering streets in many sections of the city; the damage, however, isn't extensive.

BENTON, Mo. -- Steps have been taken during the last few days that virtually assure a project that will furnish electric current to approximately 500 families in the rural communities of Scott, New Madrid and Mississippi counties; customers are being signed under the Rural Electrification Administration program.


Around 100 businessmen from various towns in the district gathered last night at Cape Girardeau in response to an invitation by the local commercial club to discuss Southeast Missouri affairs; the result of their get-together was the organization of the Southeast Missouri Federation of Commercial Clubs.

Jacob Lacroix is getting to be quite an automobile expert, as he is engaged in rebuilding another machine; the one he built some time ago to be used as a wagon to deliver furniture is giving good service.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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