Speak Out 1/23/13

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thanks to city

I want to compliment the city of Cape Girardeau for keeping the roads clear after the snowfall. I sure appreciate it. Thank you very much, city of Cape.

Parents fault, not NRA

Put the blame where the blame belongs. It's not the NRA's fault children are getting guns. Look at the parents.

Assault weapons

Every home needs an assault weapon and several hundred rounds of shells. That way the crooks will have more to steal. No problem. Just like a few years back the police stopped a car between Cape and Jackson. They were lucky that the guy didn't use the assault weapon he had in the car with him, or we would have had firsthand knowledge of what they are capable of doing. Yes, we really need more of them.

School safety

I read one of Cape's legislators is not sure about guns for teachers. I have grandchildren in the Cape school district. I don't feel it is necessary to have guns with the teachers or administers. Maybe one issued to the principal. I think the best is to get a police officer in each school. I think that would deter intruders more than anything else.

Gun debate

People keep telling me we need to arm teachers and only bad guys will have guns if we take guns away. They say a good guy will stop a bad guy with a gun. Let's stop and think that over. Armored cars get stopped and people get killed. They're armed and that doesn't stop bad guys. Some banks have armed guards inside and they get robbed, and some people get shot and killed and that doesn't stop bad guys. In the Old West everyone had guns and bad guys got famous shooting their way through the good guys. Stagecoaches got robbed with a guy with a shotgun. Trains got robbed carrying money and had security guards with guns, and that didn't stop the bad guys. The idea to have somebody with a gun to stop the bad guys is not true.

Gun rhetoric

When I was in the Marine Corps, I helped defend our freedoms with a semi-automatic M1 Garand. Now I am an old civilian and I protect those same freedoms with an AR-15. Wake up, folks. The founders quickly included the Second Amendment so you could help defend these freedoms. It's so sad that the intent of the Second Amendment is being obscured by rhetoric about hunting and plinking at tin cans.

Scrooge agreement

I hope the president has a dream like Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol" and maybe he won't be so against everything and they can all get together and get on the right way.

Blaming guns

I like what the NRA says about guns. I think the people need to stop blaming guns, and we need to look at God in our schools and parents and their relationships with their children.

Gun buyback

As with other places, Cape Girardeau and surrounding communities should engage in gun buyback programs.

Free market, farms

Here's a novel idea: How about the government gets completely out of the farm business. Stop the embargoes and let the prices fall where they may. It's called a free market.

Limbaugh Dec. column

I want to recommend David Limbaugh get high honors for his article. What a beautiful thing to have someone recognize Jesus Christ in public.

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