Scott County Commission approves 2013 budget

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BENTON, Mo. -- Scott County has a healthy reserve of funds thanks to good management, officials say.

The 2013 operating budget for Scott County was adopted by the Scott County Commission during its regular meeting Thursday.

The county started the year with about $2.5 million, with total revenue for the year projected to be about $10.3 million.

With $12.3 million in budgeted expenditures, the county's estimated balance at the end of this year is $514,182. But if this year goes anything like 2012, the county could end up with a higher year-end figure than budgeted.

"It's just really nice to be able to provide the services for Scott County and provide all that we need and still have money left over to look toward the future," County Commissioner Dennis Ziegenhorn said Friday. "I commend all the office holders for helping us keep costs down last year while continuing to provide services like we have enjoyed in the past."

The county's general revenue fund, which pays for the upkeep of county-owned buildings, as well as providing the funds to operate most county offices, began the year with a balance of $1,329,542.

Projected revenue for general revenue this year is $4,641,576 to put total funding available at $5,971,118.

With $5,668,669 in appropriations budgeted, the projected year-end balance for the fund is $302,450.

In 2012, revenue came in about $99,000 under the forecast, but what was actually spent was about $974,000 below budgeted expenditures.

Another major fund, for roads and bridges, started the year with $288,036. With projected revenue of $1,665,500, the fund has $1,953,536 available for repairs and regular maintenance on county roads. Revenue actually collected in the fund during 2012 was $1,374,679.

Budgeted expenditures for the fund come to $1,900,900, bringing the estimated end-of-the-year balance to $52,636.

The law enforcement and 911 communications funds, which go toward operation of the county's 120-bed jail, to provide 24-hour law enforcement protection and to run an enhanced 911 system, both started with a balance of zero.

Projected revenue and appropriations were set at $2,588,556 for the law enforcement fund this year.

In 2012, this fund had $2,767,045 budgeted for expenditures, but ended up actually spending $2,679,429 to match actual revenue.

For 911 communications, projected revenue and budgeted expenditures were set at $496,096.

Transfers from general revenue to the 911 fund were $188,852 in 2011 and $210,410 last year.

This year's transfer from general revenue is budgeted at $252,916.

Ziegenhorn said additional money was budgeted for 911 to fund required equipment upgrades this year, as well as to possibly take some steps toward moving the communications center to a larger location.

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