Letter to the Editor

Where does it end?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the typical "round-up-the-usual-suspects" style, the left has managed to demonize an organization that is devoted to the Second Amendment, the lawful use of firearms by law-abiding citizens, and dedicated to firearm safety. Anyone who is associated with the NRA would realize that a Newtown, Conn., massacre is the last thing that "we" would want.

Immediately the left emotionally politicized the tragedy. Their minions in the mainstream media assisted with faulty facts like a piranha feeding frenzy. How come I did not notice the same hue and cry when the Aurora, Colo., shooting occurred? Was it because we were in the middle of election season, and we didn't want to lose the "swing state" voters/gun owners in Colorado? Do we enact new laws when we don't enforce the present ones?

If it starts with magazine capacity and morphs into semi-automatic bans, where does it end? Remember, someone could enact the same tragedy with a double- barreled 12-gauge shotgun. Just load it up with 00 shot and you have 18 32-caliber balls flying in multiple directions. Where do you draw the line?