Letter to the Editor

Eliminate the income tax

Monday, January 21, 2013

The fiscal cliff, gridlock, fair share, lack of bipartisanship, tax increases for some, tax decreases and tax credits for others; conniving politicians pitting poor against rich, black against white, job seekers and workers against job producers, left against right, who's getting a free ride, who's getting the gold mine, who's getting the shaft? All this bickering, hate-filled rhetoric and partisan rancor has got to stop. All this political hay being made over what and through what? The income tax code. People who want to work, earn and get ahead hate it. People who are ridding the U.S. Give Away Gravy Train love it. Politicians who understand this cannot continue, hate the income tax. Politicians who love to divide, conquer, manipulate and control the American people love the income tax. We can never come together and unite as one nation until we get rid of the income tax. The income tax code is not broken. It is working exactly as designed, for the exact purpose!

It was designed to divide and destroy the American people, the American economy, and America's free market capitalist system. There is a better way of taxation to increase revenue and eliminate this evil tool -- and solve all those problems above and more. It would bring economic prosperity back, giving American businesses a tremendous advantage in the world market. The U.S. House already has this bill ready to go, HR 25. Hopefully Jo Ann Emerson's replacement will get behind this bill.

JOHN McMILLEN, Sikeston, Mo.