Speak Out 1/18/13

Friday, January 18, 2013

Middle class burden

Greedy Republicans want it all to be paid for by the poor and middle class. Cutting income taxes and shifting the overall tax burden to consumption through higher sales taxes is a long-standing goal of some tax theorists. Critics argue that approach is regressive and unfairly burdens the middle class and the poor, who spend more of their earnings on items subject to sales tax.

Cost of health care

On TV and in the papers there is a lot of talk for women to get mammograms to fight breast cancer. That is good. But remember to give working women the information on how they can afford to get the needed test. A woman, just like a man, can have a job and still not make enough to pay the weekly bills and have money left over for health care. She can make too much for government help but not enough for extras. The crack working people fall through keeps getting wider and often help is found too late.

Kinder's generosity

The Richard D. Kinder Performance Hall is a beautiful, state of the art facility for which Cape Girardeau Public Schools specifically and the immediate and surrounding community in general will benefit immensely. It is nice to know that a successful businessman like Richard Kinder has not forgotten his roots and indeed strives to make his positive experience in Cape's public school system an ongoing one for those who follow in his footsteps.

Cutting taxes

If taking the knife to state taxes is the key to prosperity, then one wonders why Mississippi and Alabama (they've done this) are not prospering relative to, say, the state of Minnesota, a state with higher taxes doing quite well, economically. I share a view expressed by the Kansas City Star that the Missouri Legislature should not join Kansas in a tax-cutting "race to the bottom," in hopes of improving Missouri's economy. The things that seem to matter most to prospective businesses include the overall quality of life, such as cultural opportunities, the strength of the educational system and so forth.

Just say 'no'

I sit and scratch my head when I read comments from liberals regarding those mean Republicans just saying no. Are they listening to the person they put back in the Oval Office? He will not compromise. It is his way or the highway, and when his ideas are threatened, he throws around his executive privilege. Republicans, please continue to just say 'no.' That way when things continue to get worse, our divider in chief, I mean commander in chief, will have no one to blame but himself and those who mistakenly voted for him.

Mental illness

Our government does not see mental health as a priority. Insurance companies do not see mental health as a priority and it is paid less attention than other problems or sicknesses. There is a stigma if someone gets depressed or needs help. They are automatically a monster and abused by society.

Ticket revenue

I was reading an article about California and its cash-strapped counties. They started enforcing cellphone bans on talking when driving and in one month they have over 1,800 tickets at over $250 each. Sounds like a good way to raise money.

Trail expense

It's hard for me to understand how the city and MoDOT can spend $500,000 on a sidewalk trail on William Street when they can't widen the turn lanes on Kingshighway for safety factors. I'd like someone to explain it to me. We need the turn lanes widened; it's easy to get mirrors knocked off, hard to pass and there have been several accidents lately. Why are we spending money on a *** sidewalk we don't actually need?

Doubt no more

I was one of the doubters. Since early November, the leaves have been raked to the curb and blown back into the yard. We've raked numerous times. I've been doubting, but I saw a leaf truck that came by today and now the yard is clean.

Great troop

Dear Speak Out. It is a distinct privilege to pay tribute to Troop 50204 and their leader Jodie Rouse of the Girl Scouts. The have been superb, humorous, good, sweet, kind and loving and always outdo themselves. They called up a sick person in Colorado and sang to him. Many, many thanks.


I think we have become a nation of hypocrites when we take prayer out of our schools and a tragedy happens and everybody says to pray, pray and pray. If that's not hypocrisy, I don't know what is.

School shootings

Guns aren't the problem. My grandfather's generation could buy guns through the mail and didn't have school shootings.

Obama, spending

I am an independent voter. I try to vote for the best person for the job. Right now I do not like how President Obama wants to raise taxes but is not interested in cutting spending. He still wants to spend, and that's what has gotten us in this mess in the first place. My family and I are using all of our money and instead of asking for loans or increasing our credit line, we just cut back. President Obama is spending our money and not his. He doesn't seem to care. We should pray for our country because we are getting into bad stakes.

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