The Constitution still has meaning to most Americans

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Obama administration keeps referring to the "mandate" given by voters to pursue their big-government agenda.

Health care, higher taxes, more regulation, entitlement expansion and now gun control.

A review of election returns shows a slim majority for this administration but far from a mandate.

Perhaps the Obama crowd is simply math challenged.

Led by the uber-intelligent Joe Biden, a new crop of gun-control legislation -- or executive order -- has been unveiled.

Mess with health care, the American public gets upset. Mess with gun rights, the American public gets prepared.

The common theme in a rash of gun violence is not the availability of guns but rather mental instability and antidepressant medication.

But another crisis, another opportunity for Obama's far-left agenda.

He may have more flexibility, but he lacks the mandate.

Your paycheck is smaller. Your health care soon will be restricted. Your prorated portion of the national debt keeps rising.

Only in Obama's world view does this spell "forward."

We have become two nations divided along multiple fronts both economic and social.

We have abandoned the middle ground of compromise.

Compromise to the left is a one-way street.

And that street does not include spending reform.

Be careful with gun policy. The Constitution still has meaning to a vast swath of our population.

If your policies put my family at potential risk, your policies will lose.

Then, perhap,s you will understand the term mandate.

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