Speak Out 1/14/13

Monday, January 14, 2013

‘Just say no' strategy

Will this strategy succeed? Republicans lost the election at the national level in large part because of their "just say no" obstructionism. They are trying to rectify this now by just saying "no" even more.

Assault weapons

The Republican Congress and Senate are making a big thing out of this terrorist attack at Benghazi. Yes, it was bad, and maybe it could have been avoided by either more soldiers or pulling them out, which would have been the best move. However, the loss of four people does not even come close to the loss of 20 school children and [six] adults. Congress will do nothing about the assault rifles and pistol magazines. These guns are only good for war where mass killings happen. They are not for hunting and are not needed for protection.

Mental illness

We need to get the government to provide more money to help the mentally ill, as we have several that really need the help. Just a few are conservative radio host Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, David Limbaugh, Donald Trump and Rev. Jones. There are also a lot of Congress members that need help also. However, I am afraid most of these would have to be put on disability as I don't think they could be completely helped.

Jackhammer mentality

Southeast Missouri State University's decision to raze a piece of property near the River Campus that gives all Cape residents an important sense of our continuity reveals a mindset so lacking in aesthetic and historical sensibility it calls into question SEMO's understanding of the values that universities are supposed to perpetuate -- not pummel with a jackhammer.

Deficit hawks

One wonders where David Limbaugh, Byron York, Mike Jensen and other debt and deficit hawks were when George W. Bush was wildly increasing the Clinton balanced budget with an out of control spending spree on an unneeded war in Iraq, the longest war in American history in Afghanistan, unfunded Medicare, Part D, and on and on and on.


Is "food security" now considered one of the euphemisms for government handouts?

Jensen's economy

Mike Jensen recently wrote something with which his growing legion of critics would agree. It was, in part, " ... maybe I'm not sufficiently versed in economics."

Cookie name

I was calling about the cookie recopies. I was wondering why the baker called hers cornbread bars when there was no corn in them.

Bulletproof doors

Due to the tragedy that has occurred in the country, has anyone thought about bulletproof doors instead of glass in our schools? It would be nice if that could happen and protect children better. We're protected as much as could be. Think about the possibilities. Thank you.

Jackson workers

The city of Jackson really takes good care of us. We appreciate it. They worked over 12 hours on Greensferry Road to replace a water main. God bless you guys.

Right and wrong

Shootings are the results of a society that teaches anything is OK and we no longer believe in right and wrong. Liberals never let a crisis go to waste. Therefore ban the guns and let the shooters have defenseless victims. We have to be able to defend ourselves. Socialism destroys morals, ethics and the financial foundation of a society and then becomes a police state. Either we stand for freedom or we will lose it.

Leaf pickup

The 2012 leaf pickup schedule says there will be more leaf pickups more frequently. It's been over a month since they've picked up in Château Manor subdivision. The grass is dying from the leaves laying there for so long.

Jensen, Emerson

I echo Mike Jensen's commentary regarding the resignation of Rep. Emerson. Her abrupt resignation in these trying times robs our district of a seasoned, common sense, trusted legislator. After campaigning she'd be there, I feel betrayed.


I would like to applaud Joe Sullivan for his River City Journal. He is very well stated and I totally agree with his comments.

Ad placement

I was really shocked when the television put on a gun commercial right behind all the people talking about the school shootings. That was in poor taste and uncalled for.

Video games

Are we still thinking violent video games and movies don't affect our children in a negative way? Think again.

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