Speak Out 1/11/13

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sign problem

Could someone explain the reasoning for putting a welcome to Cape sign right in the middle of the sidewalk at the white house across from the park on Broadway? How are people walking and people who are handicapped supposed to use the walkway? Man, that is really smart. Move the sign off the sidewalk.

Special elections

The Republicans are for smaller government, but at the cost to the Missouri taxpayer for their benefits. They want to pass a bill that if for any reason any political member leaves office there will be a special election which will cost the taxpayers more. Because we have a Democrat governor who could appoint a replacement, they are against that.

Double standard

In Washington, D.C. you will see politicians strutting around like bantam roosters with armed security all over the place. Many of these politicians don't want armed security guards in our schools. Apparently they feel that they are more important than our children.

Dress code, initiative

Cape public schools' dress code: committees formed; hours of research conducted; business contacted; parent forums; long board meetings. A watered-down version was passed. Cape public schools' 1-to-1 Initiative: Idea presented to board during one meeting; no funding to support the $1.2 million initiative provided; no research supporting technology. Full proposal passed. Shouldn't something that costs $1.2 million warrant at least the same deliberation as what color and type of pants kids can wear?

Controlled medication

I'm writing to inform the public that it is supposedly against the law to put your controlled medication in a pill container which can be bought at most stores. The medicine must stay in your original bottle if you go anywhere. Our son, who is disabled, has never been in trouble with the law. He was arrested on suspicion of a controlled substance because it wasn't in his original pill bottle. My husband had to leave his job to prove to the police he had scripts for the medicine. He was released. The police gave him a breathalyzer test, which he passed with flying colors because he doesn't drink. They made him do some of the alphabet backward and a urine test. I have informed a lot of our friends about this, and to their surprise they didn't know that either.

Tax deduction

A loop hole that needs to be closed is one claiming a second home as a tax deduction. That is only benefiting the rich. They are claiming homes and boats that are worth millions as a second home. The middle class can't afford a second home and do not get these claims. Why are these on the books as tax deductions? Because there are Congress members who have the boats.

Pay raise

Lawmakers make $174,000 a year. They had already voted in September to block the pay raise through March 27, but President Barack Obama recently issued an executive order to implement it, along with a pay increase for federal workers. You could bet your last dollar that come March 27 they would forget and let it pass like they had overlooked it. They are a bunch of crooks. President Obama had put a freeze on all government pay raises. He just took it off so it would be back in their hands. But they are trying to say just the opposite.

GOP politicians

Republican politicians are in general hard at work for the creditor class, giving little if any consideration to most of the American people, the down and out.

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