Speak out 1/10/13

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Emerson resignation

I voted for Emerson. I wish she would have pulled out before the election and let the party nominate somebody to run and save us the estimated $1 million for a special election. That's a shame.

Armed teachers

I want to comment about the shooting in Connecticut. If one teacher had a gun, they could have stopped this. There was a case in Arkansas where a guy was going to shoot some children and a vice principal grabbed a gun and stopped it.

Election bill

I think we should send Emerson the bill for the election we will have. She should have resigned before the election. That's my opinion.

No to gun control

I would like to comment on all the tragedies. There are a lot of shootings going on. There's a lot of talk about guns and gun control. The guns don't do any killing; it's the person behind the gun. So if you take guns away from all good people, the people who misuse guns to take people's lives will get guns no matter what the case may be. Most guns that are used in these shootings have been stolen. If you take guns away from the normal person so they don't have any protection, people who misuse guns get them illegally. All that would do is hinder honest people.

Leaf pickup

In response to the leaf-system diatribe, complaining about the speed of which the leaves are getting picked up, I wish to make an observation. I watched the leaf-pickup person go about his job. He backed up and reached out further with the arm to pick up leaves into my yard. When he finished there wasn't a leaf in sight. His ability to pick up the leaves and operate the equipment was awesome. Have patience. The system is working.

Legislative agenda

State Republican officeholders could save time and money in summarizing the priorities in Missouri's legislative agenda by simply referring those interested to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce website.

Leaf pickup

I have to agree with many comments about the leaf pickup. Although I have not seen the leaf truck, my wife has. It came to our neighborhood before the leaves fell. So I raked mine and haven't seen it yet. Maybe we should go back to the old system or we could use some of the casino money and hire some unemployed workers to do the job.

Inaugural parades

Couldn't our taxpaying dollars be better spent than having inaugural parades and parties? We re-elected Gov. Nixon for another term, which meant "keep on doing your job." Why can't he just say "thank you, I would prefer to save the state money and get back to work." If politicians would ever do this, we would know we had elected the best person for the job.

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