Campbell man wins $500,000 in lottery game

Thursday, January 10, 2013

CAMPBELL, Mo. -- Joe Ryan wasn't satisfied with winning $5 in a Missouri Lottery game so he cashed the ticket and bought another. Good call.

The result was a $500,000 prize, announced by lottery officials Wednesday.

Ryan, 61, and lives in Campbell. He went to a Casey's General Store on Dec. 22 and paid $20 for a "$3 Million Taxes Paid" scratcher's ticket. He won $25.

But Ryan said he didn't go there to win a net $5, so he cashed out and bought another. He uncovered the $500,000 prize on the first scratch.

Ryan plans to let his wife spend some of the winnings on a home remodeling. He plans to continue his job as a truck driver -- but he might retire early.

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Campbell, Mo.

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