Christmas miracle

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ask Kelly Irvin if she believes in miracles and you're likely to get an enthusiastic yes.

In March, Irvin, 24, was involved in a single-car accident while driving to her family's home in Leopold, Mo. Having sustained a traumatic brain injury and broken pelvis, she was transported to Saint Francis Medical Center and was in a coma. She underwent several procedures and was placed on a ventilator.

Her family prayed.

"We prayed for Kelly nonstop," Sheila Irvin said. "It was truly a frightening experience, but we had faith that she would come out of her injuries. We had that faith."

On April 5, Irvin was transferred to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis where she later emerged from the coma. Still, she faced tremendous challenges. As the weeks passed she began to make progress. Irvin was ultimately released from another St. Louis hospital to return home and continue treatment.

In August, Irvin returned to work as a nurse at Saint Francis Medical Center. She shadowed for three months before working on her own starting Nov. 26.

While her recovery is miraculous in itself, the story gets better. On Christmas Eve, Irvin played the organ at St. John Catholic Church in Leopold -- something she had done for 10 years prior to the accident.

Irvin still faces challenges, but her story is nothing short of a miracle.

"My family and friends have been great to me throughout all of this," Irvin recently told the Southeast Missourian. "The experience has made me believe in the power of prayer even more. I know for sure that miracles do happen."

As people of faith, we believe in the power of prayer. Kelly Irvin's attitude is phenomenal. For a young woman who has faced so much, she's remains grateful.

If you haven't done so, we encourage you to listen to Kelly accompanying the choir on the organ. A video is available at semissourian.com.

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