Speak Out 1/7/13

Monday, January 7, 2013

Right to work

Missouri will not become a right-to-work state because we have a Democrat governor controlled by the unions. Michigan and Indiana have passed it, and now jobs and businesses are flocking to those states. We need right-to-work in Missouri.

Dirt crazy

I am hearing more about Obamacare that frightens me to death. Anybody who thinks Obama is for the common people are crazy as dirt.

County budget

If the Cape County Commissioners can't live within their budget, they shouldn't try to bust the budget I'm living in. Don't blame me for your overspending.

Puppy dump

This is for a lady who two nights ago threw a puppy out in West Lane in Jackson. We have a dog now. My daughter picked it up. It's a Chihuahua mix with rat terrier. It would have frozen to death. If I was still in law enforcement, I would have followed you and arrested you. There is no sense of treating an animal that way.

Spending suggestion

I wish politicians would take into consideration all the people they represent, not just certain groups like recreational, dog parks and other projects. Who decided $6 million worth of land from Southeast to develop? Can't businesses buy their own land any more? Our city officials are looking for ways to spend casino money. Why not pay off the water center to make water bills go down for all citizens? Then use it for park improvement and upkeep. Ameren's going to raise their rates so where does it end? The taxes and casino money should be used to help citizens to afford to live in Cape Girardeau.

Where there's smoke

Do the people who burn leaves and smoke from fireplaces and tobacco ever consider that their neighbors might not enjoy having their houses and cars smell like smoke? Is it only for their self-gratification? Thank you.

Loud and stupid

As of today the FCC is putting a ban on loud commercial ads on TV. If they could only ban the stupid ones.

Pay raise

Since the city is doing so well with casino money, how about giving the city workers a much needed and overdue pay raise?

Limbaugh for Congress

I was thinking since Emerson is leaving office, maybe someone like David Limbaugh should run for the job. He's always quite opinionated on what should be done in Washington. He should step up and do it instead of just talking about it.

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