Letter to the Editor

Projects should stand on merit

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Who's responsible for the extra pork? We need the names of the people who put these things in the fiscal cliff deal line by line. Maybe if all of America knows their names, we can stop them from destroying America. When they can't hide, maybe they will do a better job if we hold them accountable.

Pass a law to prevent inserting porky projects and other unrelated provisions into major must-do bills. This pork is causing gridlock in Congress. No wonder things can't get done. This law should contain a time limit on when they can be submitted. That way Congress is not overwhelmed with numerous projects at one time or at the end of the year. Each needs an individual vote, not put in packages.

If these things can't pass on their own merit we don't need them. Quit forcing them down our throats. It will be fewer pages per bill and a quicker read. We won't need to pass them to find out what's in them.

CAROLYN PHELPS, Cape Girardeau