Out of the past 1/4/13

Friday, January 4, 2013


Cape Girardeau city officials are studying the possibility of constructing a new public works facility that would allow for the relocation of the operation out of the flood-prone area along Kingshighway.

County Clerk Rodney Miller announces a massive voter-registration drive for January; his staff will hold special registration outreach opportunities throughout the county at schools and businesses.


Shoplifters walked into the Buckner-Ragsdale Co. store, on the corner of Broadway and Main Street, yesterday and carried off three mink stoles valued at $1,100; the thieves left three broadtail jackets, valued at $300 each, hanging on the same rack from which the stoles were taken.

Fred E. Dormeyer, 78 years old, a retired druggist and real estate dealer in Cape Girardeau, died yesterday at a local hospital; Dormeyer moved here 37 years ago from Jackson, and for 25 years operated a drug store.


The Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce is investigating the establishment of a memorial honoring W.F.D. Batjer, former secretary of the chamber; it is thought the memorial will take the form of a tablet and the planting of a tree in Courthouse Park; Batjer was killed by an automobile Dec. 28.

Circuit Judge Frank Kelly warns the public of a law, passed by the last legislature, that provides when a person is convicted of a charge of driving while intoxicated, it is mandatory that he surrender his driver's license to the clerk of the circuit court.


Cape Girardeau suffers its worst fire in years, when the car sheds, the boiler room and six trolley cars of the Cape Girardeau and Jackson Interurban Electric line on North Main Street go up in flames in the morning.

Chairman I.R. Kelso of the factory committee receives a special delivery letter from Arthur Losey of Indianapolis enclosing a contract for establishing the Losey marine motor works in Cape Girardeau.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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