Speak out 1/2/13

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

School violence

Although few will admit this, there is little we can do to prevent deranged persons from entering our schools and harming our precious children. The only sure preventive measure would be to build our schools like prisons with perimeter fences, guard towers and steel gates. Locking school doors means the person will just have to break the glass to get in. Metal detectors will only get the person manning the metal detector killed. The two most viable solutions are to arm qualified school personnel and to pray.

Dress code

Why is CHS the only school in the district not enforcing the new dress code? One example: underwear showing because students are wearing sagging pants without belts.

Leaf pickup

The first time the city sailed by with their new truck was in October before the leaves really came down. I saw them and the next day I rushed out to rake. Since then I have raked the yard six times. Of course, the leaves blow back up the hill. Everyone will need to reseed this spring because the grass is dead.

Climate change

Livermore says there are steps government and individuals can take now to slow the rate of increased warming and the damage that would follow. For the government, he suggests cap and trade legislation, development of cleaner renewable fuels and infrastructure projects including sea walls in New York City to protect against flooding and other consequences of more extreme weather. However, all the Republican Congress members can say is drill, baby, drill.

Jensen column

Mike Jensen's magnificent manifesto making the case for common sense gun control and background checks for mental health problems, criminal convictions and all other rational reasons for denying gun purchases was his finest hour.

Refurbished mattresses

For those of you who are looking to purchase a new mattress, you might want to ask if the item is refurbished or new. Some stores are selling refurbished mattresses. Thank you.

Poor in Haiti

I would like to make a comment to all the people on welfare claiming how hard they have it. In Jackson, the Chamber of Commerce has a program called Schools for Haiti. I would like to show people what being poor is really like and take them down to Haiti, where they have to stand in line for hours for a bowl of rice and hope they don't get shot. Be glad you're here.

Santa, leaf pickup

I'd like to know if there's a Santa Claus or a leaf pick-up truck. I have not seen either one at my home this year.

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