Speak Out 12/30/12

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Washington way

How many working households that keep their bills paid use the same premise as our government regarding spending? You're right: None. So why is it so hard for many of our elected officials in Washington to realize you cannot spend more than you take in? I doubt if any of us could tell our bosses that we have decided to increase our spending so they need to give us a raise to cover that. Somehow I don't think that works, but that only makes sense to those of us who have common sense. It's obvious that many in Washington, including Obama, lack any type of balance and common sense.

Liberal media

The expertise that Mr. Romney could have offered the United States in job creation and small business morale boosting would have been such a benefit. But as successful as Mr. Romney would have been, the liberal media would not have given him any credit. We will see how the ultra liberal media that got Obama re-elected spin a second Obama term as Obama will eventually have to take ownership of the failed policies his administration has enacted. Blaming others during a second term will get harder and harder, even for our arrogant incumbent.

NRA's silence

The NRA said it initially remained silent out of respect for the dead children and their families. Baloney. The NRA remained silent in hopes this latest tragedy would blow over and there would be no lasting cry for meaningful gun-control legislation. In fact, a case could be made that remaining silent in the initial days after the Newtown tragedy was despicable.

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