Out of the past 12/28/12

Friday, December 28, 2012


Cape Girardeau County Clerk Rodney Miller says a federal judge's ruling last week challenging the legality of the punch-card-voting system won't have an immediate impact on the county; Miller believes the appeals ruling will be overturned.

The National Weather Service predicts the Mississippi River here will crest Wednesday night about one and one-half feet below the 32-foot flood stage; the river here has risen more than 10 feet during the past 11 days as a result of extensive rain in central and southern Missouri.


The State College here has been notified by the Atomic Energy Commission it will receive a grant of $11,000 to purchase laboratory equipment for a new course in nuclear education, to be taught by Dr. E.L. Bahn Jr.

Dr. Loyd M. Spivey, who served a brief term as pastor of Centenary Methodist Church, and later went on to develop Florida Southern College into a nationally recognized institution, died yesterday at a hospital in Lakeland, Fla.; it was during his tenure here that Spivey met and married Louise Helkamp of Jackson, who was a music teacher in the public school system.


Fog, blanketing Cape Girardeau and district again last night for the second time in two weeks, partially crippled traffic and is followed this morning by colder weather and a threat of snow or rain.

A Girardean recently asked The Missourian the exact altitude of the city; a government plaque, at the top step of the north entrance of the Federal Building, shows the altitude to be 408.582 feet above sea level; further, the city is situated at latitude 37 degrees 3 minutes north and longitude 80 degrees 5 minutes west.


Cape Brewery is soliciting suggestions for a name for its new bottle beer, which the brewery plans to introduce in May; the winning name will be awarded $50 in gold.

A new grocery store building is under construction on North Main Street, in the Donnybrook neighborhood; Albert Seabaugh, the well-known man who has been running the sprinkling wagons here, will have charge of the store.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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