Speak Out 12/28/12

Friday, December 28, 2012

Labor issue

With what happened in Michigan, it is now crystal clear that the price we are paying for "free" trade and globalization is a return to cheap labor and the end of the possibility that working men and women may, through diligence and the sweat of their brow, be upwardly mobile and remain in or make it into the middle class. In fact, the opposite will occur, with once-middle-class workers being reduced to little more than wage slaves.

Foreign Aid

If you looked at how much is spent on foreign aid as to what all the government expenses, it is very little. However, it is the easiest thing to see as it is in the news more than anything else. There are lots of programs that could be cut that wouldn't affect Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid. But most benefit the rich and they will not even be discussed in the news.

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