Speak out 12/26/12

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fiscal cliff

I hope we do go over the fiscal cliff. Think about it, a United States with no more welfare checks, food stamps and handouts.

Emerson resignation

I am absolutely furious with the timing of Emerson's decision to step down as representative. There is no way she couldn't have known she was going to do this before the election. Even though I usually vote Republican, I've never trusted her. This is going to cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Thank you, Rep. Emerson.

Jensen column

What a wonderful article in the paper by Michael Jensen. It should have been put on the front page where it could have been read by every person. You cannot cure poverty only through charity if the people have not been talked to on how to take on their responsibilities.

Justice system

It's really sad how our justice system is. There have been so many robberies around the city but when the cops do find who does it, they spend a few days in jail, go before a judge and all they get is two to five years supervised probation and they're let out on the streets to do it all over again. I know a minor who stole a vehicle when he was drunk and high with no driver's license. And what did he get? Only five years supervised probation. This is not right.

Politicized statement

When anti-gun control advocates say this is not the time to politicize the elementary school massacre, that, in and of itself, is a political statement designed to lull the general public into allowing time to pass so it will be less motivated to sustain a concerted effort to try do anything that might lessen the chances of these ongoing slaughters.

NRA stance

More than 70 percent of NRA members want the gun show loophole closed and background checks. Don't be fooled by what the NRA leadership says. In this instance, it is not representative of its members.

More suicides

I said a month or two ago that the politicians need to quit holding out for the 2 percent and help the middle class, as there are going to be more suicides than ever. That wasn't put in the paper, but now it is becoming headlines in the news reports.

Assault weapons

While the horrors of the Newtown massacre are fresh on everyone's mind, I think it is time for our country to have a real discussion about assault- type weapons. These are not "arms" but weapons of mass destruction and should only be in the hands of the military. Obviously they are too easy to obtain by people who are sick and then use them with unbelievably tragic results.

Fed takeover

Apparent states'-rights conservatives have contradicted their own political philosophy by in effect recommending that Medicaid expansion be rejected by the state of Missouri and, by default, turned over to the federal government.

Practical politics

David Limbaugh is frustrated and, understandably so. The Republican Party is in the process of repudiating Limbaugh and his failed policy recommendations. The GOP seems, thankfully, to be moving into a more practical and less ideologically driven conservatism. The influence of Limbaugh and his cohorts has taken a catastrophic hit from which there will be no recovery.

Follow the dots

Why is it that nobody in Cape Girardeau seems to be able to follow the dotted lines when getting off the interstate at exit 96. I have almost been run over many times by people that cross over into the wrong turn lane. If you are exiting and are in the far right turn lane, if you notice, you should be turning into the far right lane. If you are in the left side turn lane, you are actually supposed to be turning into the center lane on William Street. The extra lane on the left I guess can add confusion, but still yet, there are dotted lines painted that show you right where to go. I hope that in the future, more people will notice that and I will have to see less near misses in the future.

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