Out of the past 12/25/12

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Steady rain falls throughout the day, adding up to 3.84 inches at the Cape Girardeau Municipal Airport.

The Grinch is alive and well in Cape Girardeau, disguised as Santa Claus; this bogus Santa doesn't bring presents to the Drury Lodge, but takes money at gunpoint; the suspect -- wearing white whiskers, dressed in a bright red suit with white fur, a large black belt, a red and white cap, and armed with a revolver -- holds up the night clerk at Drury Lodge shortly after 8 p.m.


Those whose circumstances promised only a bleak Christmas have a brighter day by the efforts of the Salvation Army's Tree of Lights campaign and the charitable efforts of other groups; 375 Christmas baskets are distributed to the needy by the Salvation Army.

By the widest stretch of the imagination, it can be said that Cape Girardeau has its third consecutive white Christmas; although a steady drizzle of rain falls throughout most of the day, it doesn't change to snow until late in the evening.


In observance of Christmas, a union worship service is held at the Presbyterian Church under the auspices of the Ministerial Alliance; delivering the sermon is Dr. Don E. Schooler, pastor of Centenary Methodist Church.

Christmas is observed at Christ Evangelical Church with a candlelight service in the morning; for it, the church is lighted entirely with candles; music is provided by the junior and senior choirs, under the direction of Mrs. H.L. Watkins; the Christmas message is delivered by the pastor, the Rev. Ralph E. Weisser.


Christmas Day is a beautiful one, with the churches of Cape Girardeau filled for services; the persistent efforts of the Provident Society, the church organizations, the Elks and the Knights Templar prevent any needy citizen from being neglected on this day.

Mrs. Floye Starrett and little daughter, Helen, of Neelys Landing, are spending Christmas week in Cape Girardeau, where they are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Howard.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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