My husband...My hero...My best friend

Monday, December 24, 2012
My husband at a training center preparing for deploying. .

My husband has been active duty Army for 16 years. He loves being a Cav Scout and has made an impact on how my family sees how the military works. He is selfless in his duties.. He puts his life before others.. When it comes to a bullet to take over anothet soldier hef take it without hesitation. If it meant that soldier woulf have anothet day with his family.. my husband would do anything for his country..his family and his friends...

We were coming home from dinner one night anf we saw a man trying to jump off of a bridge. .instict kicked in my husband slammed vehicle in park ran over to the guy and talked him down from jumping..he never wanted recognation he simply did what any good soldier woyld do..

I love my friend.

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