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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Other rich people

Why is it that only business owners and CEOs are considered among the "filthy rich?" What about Oprah? Isn't she one of the richest women in the world? What about all the sports stars, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, movie stars and even the politicians themselves? They are all "filthy rich", too. Are they to be allowed to keep their money?

No compromising

Does everyone like me think that this president is trying to make our country fail? He does not want to work with anybody. It's either his way or the highway, and I think he is not trying to make our country what it should be. I think that is one big shame.

Jobs, food stamps

I noticed Obama keeps talking about how he needs more money to create jobs. Do you know that for every government job Obama creates there's another 75 people going on food stamps?

Computers, QR codes

Why do most business assume everyone has a computer or a phone to scan codes. Even the paper assumes everyone has a computer or something to read these things. I don't understand it. I wish they'd consider people who can't afford one.

Broadway lighting

I'm calling about the new lighting on the new Broadway, the $4.3 million improvement. Whoever designed the lighting should go back to school. It's so dark on the new promenade I wouldn't want to walk by at night. It needs different lighting. If it had the same kind of lighting on Main Street, that would have been better.

Who's rich?

I think President Obama needs to redefine what rich is. I would say $350,000 and over. I would encourage anyone to call the president to tell him this. Our family makes around $250,000 and the thing is, we don't consider ourselves rich either. I don't think Obama takes college and handicapped children into account.

2011 tax bills

As a taxpayer in Alexander County, Ill., I am furious we have not received our tax bills for the 2011 year. I don't know how that is possible, especially because the assessor has extra help. What a Christmas when we finally receive our bills.

Public defenders

I'd like to ask some questions about the public defenders. Do they have to take a case whether the guy is guilty or not? Do they have to defend the person? How do they defend a person when they know he is guilty?

Leaving office

I just read about Emerson leaving her office. She was elected by the people to serve for two years. She should be obligated to hold that office instead of taking another job. Has she given back her campaign funds yet? I think something needs to be done.

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