Hope Seeds

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recently, about 140 students at Cape Christian School filled 2,000 packets of okra seed to be sent to Haiti. The effort was connected to Hope Seeds, a not-for-profit organization that produces plant seeds that are sent to areas lacking agricultural resources.

The school was connected to the organization through its music teacher, Diane Wicker. Wicker's brother, Mike Mueller, owns a greenhouse in Bertrand, Mo., and serves as executive director of Hope Seeds.

In addition to packing seeds, the students harvested almost 20 pounds of okra and raised more than $525 through a Pennies War.

We commend the students and adult organizers for their involvement. We're reminded, particularly during the Christmas season, of our blessings. Many others around the world live with far less.

The seeds packed will be a help to those struggling. But there was a secondary benefit to this project. The students learned a lesson in giving, a principle we hope sticks with these young people for years to come.

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