Out of the past 12/20/12

Thursday, December 20, 2012


The congregation of Good Shepherd Lutheran Chapel begins Christmas week with a celebration of Holy Communion in a carol setting during the morning service; pastor of the church is the Rev. William A. Matzat.

A candlelight march is held in the evening at Concord Theatre, 420 Broadway, followed by a worship service; preaching from an eight-foot ladder is the Rev. Flem E. Bronner Sr., evangelist and pastor of St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Sikeston, Mo.; the service is sponsored by Second Baptist Church.


Rivermen's woes are compounded by a pall of fog that hangs over the Mississippi River in this area, where water traffic has already been seriously curtailed by narrow and shallow channels; marine sources at Cape Girardeau and Cairo, Ill., say fog has called a general halt to the already sluggish river boat movement.

Normal, two-way traffic over the Mississippi River bridge here is expected to resume Friday and continue until after New Year's Day; traffic has been funneled into one lane for about 315 feet toward the Illinois side since Dec. 3, when workers began removing a section of the bridge flooring.


Because a stranger drove away from a Sinclair service station on Highway 61 near Cape Girardeau late Saturday night without paying for 10 gallons of gasoline, an all-night search ensued over highways and through woods, bloodhounds being employed during the late stages of the hunt; a St. Louis man was arrested Sunday morning.

Dr. Joseph P. Russell of Cape Girardeau has received his appointment as a lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps and has been assigned to the Hawaiian department.


The Normal School closes and for the next two weeks the faculty and students will enjoy a fine holiday season; the students will nearly all visit home folks and will begin leaving on trains tonight and tomorrow; while some of the faculty members will remain in Cape Girardeau, others have plans to be out of the city for the entire Christmas season.

Kendrick Burrough arrives home on the early train from his school work at Yale University; he'll spend Christmas with his mother and sisters here.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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