Letter to the Editor

School security measures

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

After the tragedy that happened Friday in Connecticut, I got to thinking how unsecure our schools are in this area.

I have taken lunch money, books, etc. to my grandkids in Jackson schools. I have been in a grade school, middle school and junior high school. In grade school, I walk right in and a sign tells me to go to the office. In the middle school and junior high, I walk right into the lobby and am told to go to the office by a sign. The only difference is that in middle and junior high, I walk up to a window and they shove the window back and ask me what I want. In grade school, I walk right into the office and sometimes there has been no one there.

Now, if I had a gun hidden on my person and intended to do something horrible, would I follow the sign and go to the office? I would have plenty of time to walk down any of the halls.

We pay enough Jackson school tax to have secure schools. What needs to be done is: 1) Doors locked and you answer a buzzer. 2) There is a password asked that only you and your child/grandchild know and it is recorded in the computer. 3) A security guard meets you at the door and escorts you in. A security guard with a gun, no Taser or pepper spray. Had these been employed in Connecticut, the day might have been different.

PAM KELSO, Jackson