Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas season is all about gifts.

Too much emphasis can be placed on the receiving part of the giving season; the commercialism of the holiday can wear us down by the time Dec. 25 arrives.

But many people give the most precious gift of all: Time. And they give it year round.

Such is the case at our local hospitals.

Three volunteers were featured in the Good Times section of last Sunday's Southeast Missourian.

Shirley Waterman has given 9,000 hours of volunteer service at Southeast Hospital over more than three decades. At Saint Francis, LaVerne Skinner has donated more than 10,000 hours since 1993, while Harold Schnurbusch has given 12,500 since 2005. All three have been recognized by their hospitals as being top volunteers.

These are just three of many people in the Cape Girardeau area who find ways to give of themselves to help others. We'd like to thank Waterman, Skinner and Schnurbusch for giving of their time and talent; and everyone who gives of themselves. Not just during December, but even when Santa Claus might not be watching.

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