Speak Out 12/16/12

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Closed captions

While in a waiting room in a medical facility, the TVs were turned on, but there was no volume. If the volume was up, you probably couldn't hear it because of the chatter. Why can't these places have closed captions on for those with hearing problems?

GOP, Norquist

I think it is time for Republican legislators to vote their conscience rather than what Grover Norquist dictates. We the people voted for politicians to vote for us, not Grover Norquist.

Health care

Here is the problem with trying to shop around for health care. You can't do it unless you actually give them the business. No one will give you a price quote before you sign up with them. I've been trying to price-shop drugs, and unless I take them a prescription and let them fill it, they won't tell me how much it will be. This has been a real problem. Maybe we need menus like McDonald's with the prices of the drugs on them. I know pizza places are putting how much cholesterol the stuff has in it. Maybe you could make the pharmacies all put up drug menus telling us how much drugs will be. This is very frustrating.

Leaf system

I would like to comment on the leaf pickup the city is supposed to be doing. Do they need to hire someone to pick the leaves up? Most of the homeowners have had their leaves out for months now and have not seen anyone picking them up. I have blown mine out to the street four times waiting for the city to pick them up, but the wind blows them back into my yard. Is the city going to pick up the leaves this year, or will they wait until next year?

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