School menus Dec. 17-21

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cape Girardeau Elementary

MONDAY--Hamburger, potato tots or cherry tomatoes or baby carrots, peach cup.

TUESDAY--Taco salad, refried beans or cherry tomatoes or baby carrots, pears.

WEDNESDAY--Breaded pork steak w/wo brown gravy, broccoli & cheese or cherry tomatoes or baby carrots, roll, mixed fruit cup.

THURSDAY--Breaded shrimp poppers, mac & cheese, green beans or cherry tomatoes or baby carrots, sugared strawberries.

FRIDAY--Cheese or pepperoni pizza, candied carrots or cherry tomatoes or baby carrots, apple slices, ice milk bar.

Cape Christian

MONDAY--Chicken rings, baked potato, fresh broccoli, ice cream.

TUESDAY--Grilled chicken on bun, fresh carrots, grapes, sun butter kiss cookie.

WEDNESDAY--Ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, pears.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY--No classes.

Eagle Ridge Christian

MONDAY--Chicken nuggets, tomatoes, carrots, fruit.

TUESDAY--Meatballs & gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit.

WEDNESDAY--Cheesy chicken & broccoli with rice, roll, fruit.

THURSDAY--Mini corn dogs, sweet potato fries, fruit.

FRIDAY--Cheeseburger, spring salad mix, fruit.

Notre Dame

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY--Exams, no lunch served.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY--No classes.

St. Mary's

MONDAY--Chicken & noodles, peas, peaches, peanut butter/cornflake bar.

TUESDAY--Chicken patty, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, pineapple.

WEDNESDAY--Ham-turkey-cheese on deli bun, corn chips, mixed fruit, cookie.

THURSDAY--Dismiss at 11 a.m., no lunch served.

FRIDAY--No classes.

St. Vincent's

MONDAY--Corn dog, oven fries, apple slices, brownie.

TUESDAY--Spaghetti, salad, roll, pears.

WEDNESDAY--Dismiss at noon, no lunch served.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY--No classes.

Trinity Lutheran

MONDAY--Ham on bun, fries, pears.

TUESDAY--Beefy nachos, green beans, fruit mix, cookie.

WEDNESDAY--Waffles, sausage, hashbrowns, banana.

THURSDAY--Turkey roast, mashed potatoes, corn, roll, brownie, applesauce.

FRIDAY--Dismiss at 11 a.m., no lunch served.

Nell Holcomb

MONDAY--Pizza, salad, corn, pears.

TUESDAY--Hot dog, baked beans, carrot sticks, applesauce.

WEDNESDAY--Buffalo chicken, broccoli & cheese, carrots, peaches.

THURSDAY--Dismiss at 12:30 p.m. Burrito, peas, fruit.

FRIDAY--No classes.

Jackson Elementary

MONDAY--Breaded chicken patty on bun or barbecued rib on bun, baked beans, pineapple.

TUESDAY--Burrito with cheese sauce or corn dog, pasta salad with broccoli, refried beans, orange smiles.

WEDNESDAY--Lasagna or chef salad, green beans, breadstick, peaches.

THURSDAY--Roast chicken & roll or American deli sub, steamed carrots, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, applesauce.

FRIDAY--No classes.

Immaculate Conception

MONDAY--Pepperoni pizza or pb&j sandwich with cheesestick, tossed salad, carrot sticks, pears.

TUESDAY--Sausage biscuit or pb&j sandwich with cheesestick, scrambled eggs, tater tots, applesauce.

WEDNESDAY--Cheese quesadilla, refried beans, corn, fruit salad.

THURSDAY--Hamburger or hot dog, carrot sticks, tater tots, banana.

FRIDAY--No classes.

St. Paul Lutheran

MONDAY--Chicken nuggets, potato wedges, cottage cheese, peaches.

TUESDAY--Corn dog, soft pretzel, green beans, Rice Krispies treat.

WEDNESDAY--Chicken & rice soup, grilled cheese, glazed carrots, pears.

THURSDAY--Ham, scalloped potatoes, roll, ice cream.

FRIDAY--Half day, no lunch served.

Scott City

MONDAY--Hamburger or three-cheese grilled cheese, green beans, sweet potato fries; or chef salad, tomatoes, corn muffin; orange smiles, fruit.

TUESDAY--Super nachos or chicken taco, garden salad, or fajita chicken salad, tortilla chips; buckshot beans, pears, fruit.

WEDNESDAY--Chicken patty or meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy; or caesar chef salad; peas, roll, peaches, fruit.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY--No classes.


MONDAY--Polish sausage on bun, baked beans, peaches.

TUESDAY--Taco, mexican rice, corn, tropical fruit.

WEDNESDAY--Cheeseburger, fries, grapes.

THURSDAY--Chicken, baked potato, broccoli & cheese, biscuit, pineapple.

FRIDAY--Half day. Deli sandwich, chips, carrot sticks with ranch dip, orange.


MONDAY--Crispitos, tossed salad, refried beans, fruit.

TUESDAY--Corn dog, tater tots, peas, applesauce.

WEDNESDAY--Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, roll, fruit.

THURSDAY--Chicken nuggets, tri taters, slaw, fruit.

FRIDAY--Dismiss at 11:15 a.m. Deli sandwich, corn chips, dill spear, fresh fruit.

Kelso C-7

MONDAY--Grilled cheese sandwich, garden salad, pinto beans, grapes.

TUESDAY--Roast chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots, cinnamon apples.

WEDNESDAY--Class parties, no lunch served.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY--No classes.

Oak Ridge

MONDAY--Hot dog, fries, juice, cookie.

TUESDAY--Baked turkey, dressing/gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, fruit salad.

WEDNESDAY--Hamburger, fries, cheese slice, shape-up.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY--No classes.


MONDAY--Chicken tetrazzini, tossed salad, steamed carrots, breadstick, fresh strawberries.

TUESDAY--Pork rib on bun, tri taters, green beans, fresh kiwi, cherry crisp.

WEDNESDAY--Lasagna, spinach salad, french garlic bread, apple wedges.

THURSDAY--Baked chicken drumstick, rice, fresh broccoli, tortilla chips, oatmeal roll, peaches.

FRIDAY--Sloppy joe, chips, sweet potato puffs, baked beans, grapes.


MONDAY--Chicken & noodles, carrots, collard greens.

TUESDAY--Turkey pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, strawberry cheesecake.

WEDNESDAY--Chili dog with cheese, potato tots, baby carrots, ice cream, banana.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY--No classes.