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Friday, December 14, 2012


Southeast Missouri State University's air-supported recreational building is going to the state capital; Jefferson City, Mo., submitted the only bid on the facility when the university offered it through the state's surplus property sale procedure; the bubble sold for $5,250.

Although the first day of winter is still eight days off, winter has already made its unofficial debut in parts of Missouri; snow fell in Cape Girardeau and other parts of Southeast Missouri yesterday, measuring 1.7 inches at the municipal airport.


The Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau falls nearly 2 feet in 24 hours to 6.4 feet, the lowest level since Feb. 14, 1961; ice in the river to the north of Cape Girardeau is apparently holding back the water and causing the rapid drop.

This huge tank was moved to the Oz Ark-Gas & Supply Co., 1533 Independence, Dec. 14, 1962. (Missourian archive photo by G.D. "Frony" Fronabarger"

A huge tank, weighing 37,000 pounds and 21 feet long by 9 feet in diameter, is moved from a rail car by a lowboy truck to Oz Arc-Gas & Supply Co., 1533 Independence St., and unloaded there using a derrick; the tank will hold 550,000 cubic feet of liquid oxygen, which will be transferred to oxygen cylinders for distribution.


Santa Claus is attracting a lot of interest in Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois; during the week ending Saturday night, Santa had personal visits from 843 children from 43 towns in this district; all of these came to his igloo at Courthouse Park.

Very good progress is being made on the new community park on Highway 61, considering the severe weather conditions; concrete pouring was started Monday, hot water being used to protect against freezing, and about 50 men were on the job.


Sixty young men and women enrolled last evening for the night school being organized by the Cape Girardeau School District; the most popular courses among the young women are sewing and cooking, while the men's favorites are arithmetic, grammar and spelling.

Capt. William "Buck" Leyhe, master of the steamer Cape Girardeau, says his boat will make its last trip of the season leaving St. Louis on Monday evening; the ice in the river was thick yesterday.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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