Speak Out 12/14/12

Friday, December 14, 2012

Drop-off locations

I read a listing of places to drop off toys for Toybox. There were about 30 or so locations. There was only one place to drop off for Christmas for the Elderly. Perhaps if there were more convenient locations to drop off items for Christmas for the Elderly, donations for this worthy cause would increase.

County tax

Why is it the Republican party makes such a fuss about the Democrats raising taxes, yet when the three-member county commission raises taxes they say it is needed and it has not been done in years? Where do you think the rest of us who live in the county will get the money? Does it grow on trees? No one else has stopped the effects of the recession except you people. Close the county offices Thursday and Friday, and you'll know what the rest of us have to live with.

God, election

You people need to leave Obama alone. Let him do his job. Last time he was in office, the Republicans kept blocking everything he tried to do. And the economy was messed up before he got into office. God put him back there for a reason, because people try to judge him and want to see his birth certificate and driver's license. You didn't ask that from any other president.

No apology needed

Angus T. Jones owes no one an apology. The crew of "Two and a Half Men" owe him a big one for corrupting his young mind and taking away his childhood.

Partisan gridlock

Why would we expect the Democrats and Republicans to work together after the election when they couldn't work together before the election? All they want to do is argue for their own benefit, not for the citizens of the United States.

Food bank

This is for the person who talked about the food bank in Speak Out. Most do have items like soap, toilet paper, laundry detergent and all those other necessary things food stamps don't buy. We don't offer them, but if you ask you will receive. They also have diapers, which is not normally given.

Christmas, taxes

I have a message referring to Christmas taxes in Speak Out. The person said that he paid 30 percent in taxes. He's making a pretty good salary and needs help in money management. We elected Obama, and he is our president.

Rush Limbaugh

For the people who criticize Rush Limbaugh and say he's bad, why do they listen to him? Is he so terrible that you have to listen to him to know what he says? Can they not change the station or turn the radio off? If you don't like him, quit listening and change the radio.

Children's programs

I just saw on TV that people were talking about children's programs. I wonder if they have ever sat back and actually watched what they're showing children. It's mostly about some strange creature or outlaws doing some crazy things. They don't teach what they used to teach. They teach things children don't need to experience. I noticed a national news person bragging about how much TV he used to watch. Has he looked at TV today and seen how different the children programs are than what they were? They used to be educational and of value.

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