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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving meal

On Nov. 15 the veterans outfit at the VA home served the best Thanksgiving dinner to veterans and their families. I'd like to thank the staff who went above and beyond. It was a very good dinner, and thanks to all the people who donated their time. As a volunteer, I enjoyed the time there. It was a good time. A wonderful meal with great service.

Broadway, snow

Thank you for Broadway, Harry. It looks very nice. It's a shame it's not in Tampa, Fla., where there's no winter weather. What will they do when the snow comes? The bricks will not allow the salt, and the blade on the plow is wider than the street. What are we going to do when it snows?

Obama voters

It must have been sour grapes day in Speak Out. Maybe some are still getting called losers after the election. The Southeast Missourian never says anything positive about Obama, never mind that the people elected him. Perhaps Obama was elected because we care that there are children who don't have food on the table and we care about people outside of the United States.

Obama's mess

I was thinking as I watched TV that Obama wanting to raise taxes to pay for his deficit spending is like a person running up his credit card bills and asking for a raise to pay the debt off. That's what he's doing to the people. He wants us, his boss, to pay off his debt. Why doesn't he do something himself instead of getting someone else to cover his tracks.

Foreign aid

To the Washington lawmakers, when you give $46 billion a year to foreign countries, how do you expect to balance the budget. Don't cut Medicare or Medicaid. We are Americans, they are not.

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