Out of the past 12/13/12

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Local attorney Albert M. Spradling III says he will file tomorrow as a candidate for the Cape Girardeau City Council; he is the fourth announced candidate for the 1988 council election.

The Cape Girardeau Regional Commerce and Growth Association holds a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new offices at 106 Farrar Drive.


Christmas vandals have done it again on Cape Rock Drive; George Penzel, engineer of the Cape Special Road District, reports three cedar trees on the drive have been cut down; this followed the cutting and theft of five trees Sunday night; all of the plantings, a part of an extensive beautification program on Cape Rock Drive, were on a roadside bluff opposite Twin Trees Park.

Two oil barges are reported to be stranded on a Mississippi River sandbar near Goose Island, about 15 miles south of Cape Girardeau, where low water has narrowed the channel and made it barely navigable.


Ice, forming a thin coating over highways and streets, hampered traffic late Sunday, and this morning a light mist falls and freezes in the wake of a week of subfreezing temperatures; most streets in Cape Girardeau are almost impassable; cars without chains can't negotiate Broadway hill.

When ice floes piled high about Cape Rock near where the intake pipe providing the city's water supply is located, workers yesterday exploded several charges of dynamite in the vicinity of the pipe to keep it free of the threatened gorge.


Louis Houck returns home from St. Louis; he says there is no new information concerning the sale of his railroad lines to a St. Louis syndicate; the only thing of interest is that the management of the road will be from Cape Girardeau as at present.

At a recent meeting of the County Judges Association at Columbia, Mo., a committee of nine members was appointed to attend the next session of the state Legislature to work for the passage of certain laws to better road conditions in Missouri; Judge Will Hirsch of Cape Girardeau was appointed a member of the committee.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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