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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Carbon monoxide

All area schools should install carbon monoxide detectors.

ATMs, Braille

I can't believe area banks are so backward that few have complemented their ATMs with Braille.

American dream?

It seems that anyone who has made any money in their life is vilified by the Obama administration as mean old people who don't pay enough taxes. What happened to the American dream of working hard to have more? Instead, the Obama logic is to let government take care of you. Something has gotten out of whack with this administration, and it seems many are drinking their Kool-Aid.

Waste of time

I never shop on Black Friday. Time is money, and when you waste time you don't make money.

Broadway looks great

You people who want to gripe about the way the new Broadway looks, just blow it out your hat. I was down there taking pictures the other day, and it is beautiful. We drove down from Pacific to the river, and there were people everywhere, and it was gorgeous. I want to commend Fronabarger for all the hard work they did.

Mr. Food

We lost part of Americana that most of us took for granted. After 81 years of doing his thing, I suspect when he entered the gates of Heaven he said, "Ooh, it's so good."

County tax

I see that we have two county commissioners who have misled us about being Republicans. According to this tax we have, they're acting just like Democrats in Washington, D.C.

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