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Monday, December 10, 2012


Attorney Joseph Russell has apparently scrapped plans, at least for now, for development of an office building on Broadway opposite Capaha Park; neighborhood residents had expressed concern about the proposed project.

With Sam Hirsch as his new campaign manager, Democratic congressional candidate Wayne Cryts is making a county-by-county tour of the 8th District, designed to touch base with supporters in his 1986 campaign and to search out new support.


The Cape Girardeau City Council accepts a bid of Juden Auto Park Parts Co. for refuse disposal in the city; the firm, operated by Woodrow Juden, is low bidder for the service and will be paid the same amount as the previous contractor: $1.50 per month for front-curb pickup and $2 per month for backyard pickup.

A group of Missourians, headed by Gov. John M. Dalton, will be in New York and Philadelphia this week to promote the state for industrial development; representing Cape Girardeau on the trip will be Allen Robinson, executive vice president of the chamber of commerce, Philip Kearney of Missouri Utilities Co. and State Sen. Albert M. Spradling.


A two-year program to begin early in the spring, involving the renovation and rebuilding of the major part of the Cape Girardeau plant of the Marquette Cement Mfg. Co., is announced by W.A. Wecker, president of the firm, who is here with other high company officials.

There are now 2,500 people in Cape Girardeau County on relief, needy families averaging four to five people each; of those classed as being on relief, more than half are in the city of Cape Girardeau.


Kate Hamilton leaves Cape Girardeau for Cairo, Ill., where she will make her future home; Hamilton has been making her home here for the past 30 years, for the past six years with Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Medley.

Walther Furniture store on Broadway is being decorated with a Christmas scene; a fine Santa Claus chimney has been put up in one corner, and no doubt the children who pass there daily will watch it very closely from now until Christmas.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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