Speak Out 12/10/12

Monday, December 10, 2012

Panhandler problem

I was in downtown Cape Girardeau the other day taking a leisurely walk down the riverfront. By the time I parked, I had a panhandler ask for money. Within 10 minutes I had two more approach me. A couple years ago this was unheard of. I guess this was a welcome to Obama's America.

Sullivan column

This is advice for Joe Sullivan. I am a cat lady out in the country. I have nine of them. If you have a cat that won't sit on your lap and will sit near you, it's part of her pedigree. I have a cat that does that. I don't hold him or set him on my lap, but he's right there waiting for me. Mr. Sullivan should read Cat Fancy.

Leaf trucks

Please bring back the leaf trucks. We have never seen Cape Girardeau look as poorly as it does this year. We need a pick-up. Thank you.

Blanchard's success

You would be awe-struck. I have had the opportunity to observe principal Barb Kohfeld and work with some of her students and excellent staff at Blanchard Elementary School. If all of those who are interested in successful educational reform would come to Cape and visit this school, they would recognize that they have discovered a plan that could be easily adapted to all types of schools all over the nation, and would restore American public education to its once prestigious position as the leading education system in the world.

Jobs vs. handouts

We had one presidential candidate that believed in individual responsibility and promised to create jobs. The other candidate promised that the government would take care of you and give free handouts paid for by the taxpayers. Half the people pay little or no income tax, so the American people decided to elect the candidate who promised the free handouts. Capitalism is sick and dying and socialism is alive and well.

No diversity

As I was feeding my face with Froot Loops, I freaked out when I saw (with one exception) a Southeast Missourian front-page-width sea of white male faces, all of whom were mentioned as potential successors to retiring Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson. That optic was upsetting and so contradicted the increasing diversity of Missouri's 8th Congressional District that I was unable to finish my Froot Loops or take even one swallow of Muscle Milk.

Dems, socialism

A majority of Democrats declare that they have a "favorable view" of socialism. How in the world can Democrats defend that? No wonder they elected Obama.

U.N. treaty

To call the Republican senators who succumbed to the black-helicopter wing of their party and voted against incorporating the U.S. model Americans with Disabilities Act into a U.N. treaty shameful somehow seems inadequate, given their disgraceful kowtowing to the kooks in their own party.

Roundabout yield

Somebody wrote in and complained about two or three cars going through the roundabout before they could go. They said it should be one car at a time. Sorry, but apparently you have never been near a roundabout until this one. Yield to oncoming cars. If you are sitting still waiting your turn and three cars can follow each other through, that is correct. If it is one car at a time, it should be a four-way stop. If you go one car at a time it would slow everything down and that is not the purpose of a roundabout. It's purpose is to speed things up.

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