Pastor tells local Republican women to trust in God, despite election outcome

Sunday, December 9, 2012
Gary Brothers

A Cape Girardeau pastor told members of the Cape Girardeau County Republican Women's Club during a Friday luncheon to trust in God's plan, even after their candidate had lost a presidential election.

The Rev. Gary Brothers, senior pastor at Cape First, addressed nearly 25 people about overcoming despondency and depression that seems to be affecting the Republican Party in the wake of Mitt Romney losing the 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama.

"We've had candidates lose before, but it seems this time it's worse," the Rev. Brothers said. "Getting back on our feet seems like a lost cause to many of us."

Brothers said he is a registered Republican, chiefly because of the GOP's platform and values.

"I have to meter what I say away from the pulpit, but I was the first in my family to come out as a Republican," he told club members.

Brothers said he has heard some people say God didn't show up in the last election, a notion he rejects.

"Some people actually said God didn't do his part," he said. "God is never behind. He's always ahead. For us to understand how he works, we must know that he works through the impossible. He enjoys coming from behind."

The pastor added that it is important to keep the Obama administration in proper perspective.

"I don't view the president and the members of his team as the 'evildoers' some believe them to be. You can't judge what's in a person's heart, but you can judge their actions. All of us have that right."

When asked if he also preached a Republican gospel, Brothers said that's not how he runs his church.

"I don't do that in the pulpit," he said. "We have both sides of the debate represented in my congregation, but most everyone there knows my leanings."

Women's club president Holly Lintner said the meeting was a shot in the arm for those present.

"I think he served his purpose," Lintner said. "We all needed to be fed spiritually today. Pastor Brother's words were of inspiration and direction."


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