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Friday, December 7, 2012

Thank you

Thank you to whoever raked our yard. That was kind. We were wondering who we could hire to do it, and we don't know who did it, but thank you for your help. We appreciate it greatly.

Christ in Christmas

For the next month we are going to be talking about Christmas. Please remember when you say Christmas, you are invoking the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you.

President's travel

Dear Mr. President, I remember what you said during the debates. We don't need as many ships because we have better technology like drones. I agree. It's easier if you have a machine than to have young men getting shot. I will concede your point. You need to think about that. Instead of using Air Force One as your personal taxi, we have something called teleconferencing. The news uses it all the time. Instead of using taxpayer money, you can teleconference. It would also cause a lot less pollution.

Vet memorial

This is a thank you for the beautiful work that Liley Monument Company did on the veterans' memorial wall in Marble Hill, Mo. They did a professional job. It looks really good, and we're looking forward to seeing the other sections of the wall go up. It is really something to see. Thanks again. You did a really good job.


I want to share my dismay at the local attorneys and judges making probation deals for our local, young burglars. I feel horrible for the recipient of their burglary who had a weapon drawn on them. You think that person is OK with a probation sentence?

Chance for fraud

I think people with mental disabilities should not be able to vote. I saw in St. Louis how caretakers were taking their clients to vote, holding their hands and telling them who to vote for. To me they should not be allowed to vote. The chance of fraud, someone voting other than who they want, is just too high.

Business benches

This is concerning benches needed in business. I've seen benches in several area business, but I've seen young people using them while the old people wait.

Privacy laws

If you are working in the medical field, you should not be talking out of class. Those privacy forms and confidentially laws are there for a purpose.

GOP, moderation

I'd like to think right-wingers can evolve. I hope they do. I'm sure one day a Republican will become president again. It's good to see people come around to moderation.

Trump, Letterman

I enjoy Donald Trump's show "The Apprentice," but I don't think people care what he thinks politically. The way Letterman hounded Romney night after night was horrible. I think entertainment should be free of hatefulness.

Decisions count

It's not the temptations you have, but the decisions you make that count. I think that is fitting for what is going on now.

Editorial response

The Southeast Missourian's plea to President Obama to do something about the problems with the Mississippi and Missouri rivers will not be well received by the tea party and many conservative types. Their view is that this is a state issue and that the feds should stay out.

Boehner proposal

House Speaker John Boehner recently sent President Obama a counterproposal on how to cut the deficit that he called a "credible plan" to break the stalemate in negotiations to keep the country from going off the "fiscal cliff. Yeah, the best plan for the filthy rich. A plan that does nothing to help the American people.

Backup plan

Republicans are seriously considering a doomsday plan if fiscal cliff talks collapse entirely. It's quite simple: House Republicans would allow a vote on extending the Bush middle class tax cuts [the bill passed in August by the Senate] and offer the president nothing more. I hope they do and the Senate and president veto their plan.

Mr. Food

When I carved my Thanksgiving turkey, I remembered Mr. Food and how he did it. As a Christian, I feel better knowing his work on Earth is done and he is in a better place.

Calling their bluff

President Obama called the Republicans' bluff by issuing a fiscal cliff proposal. The Republicans finally countered with a proposal of their own and one which tells us a lot about their members. The GOP is very good about arguing for cutting government spending in the abstract but when it comes to specifics, not so hot. President Obama won in large part because he advocated that plutocrats pay a fair share of their income in taxes, and the American people agreed.

Hostess, unions

Another business has been run into the ground. Hostess is going out of business because the strikers wouldn't strike a deal with them. Thanks again to the unions for putting another one out of business.

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