Speak Out 12/6/12

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Committee chairmen

How many women did the U.S. House of Representatives choose to chair its many committees? None.

Too young for movie

We just got home from "Flight," an R-rated movie with Denzel Washington. It was a very good movie, but there were young children in the theater. We sat next to a pretty 6- or 7-year-old girl. I was embarrassed for her. Mom. Shouldn't she have been at "Wreck It Ralph?"

Cape casino

I drove by the new casino Sunday afternoon. The parking lot was full. How nice to see a business that employs so many taxpaying citizens doing so well. What a great thing for our fine city. God bless them.

Tip dealers

If my information is correct, dealers at the casino aren't paid much and rely heavily on tips. Please remember to leave a gratuity. Thank you.

Budget proposal

The Obama administration has offered a detailed budget proposal to address the revenue and debt crisis. The Republicans have offered nothing, but the likes of John Boehner are screaming bloody murder. The GOP should put up or shut up.

Veterans program

Thank you to Jackson High School for its veterans program. It was a great program. The children did a great job. Thank you very much.

Medicaid expansion

Expansion of Medicaid benefits in Missouri makes common and economic sense, but it is opposed by Republicans in the state legislature because they think we are too stupid to understand their disgusting demagoguery.

Tax rates

People who work for a living should not pay a higher rate of income tax than those who live on investments.

Keystone pipeline

The company planning to build the Keystone XL pipeline said it will not guarantee that it will use American workers or pipes and materials made in the United States. Also, the oil may be shipped out of Texas to other countries. Doesn't look like it is much help for the people of America, except the millionaires who are behind it.

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