Speak Out 12/5/12

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Roundabout yield

I pass by the Saint Francis roundabout everyday on my way to work, and I'm amazed at how many people don't know what a yield sign is. It doesn't mean everyone gets to go; you yield to the next person. I hate it when five cars go through and I'm stuck yielding. It's one at a time and the police should enforce it. You can't get out when you're following the law. I don't know what the purpose of the roundabout is. I know it slows traffic, but it creates a serious traffic hazard.

Give Obama credit

I am amazed that anyone would blame President Obama for the hundreds of points the stock market has fallen since the election and give him no credit for the thousands of points the stock market rose during his first term. They blame him for any downswing but don't give him credit for any upswings. What kind of logical thinking is that? Southeast Missouri logical thinking.

Glenn House

I hope everyone in Cape will take advantage of one of the city's treasures this month. I'm talking about the Glenn House at 325 S. Spanish Street. It is decorated inside and out for Christmas, and it is beautiful. There are tours through December, and there are two candlelight tours that are amazing. Please take advantage of one of Cape's pieces of history and visit this wonderful house. Tour dates can be found at www.glennhouse.org.

Immigration ceremony

I just watched the naturalization ceremony in New York on TV. I've been to one in person in Cape Girardeau. It's very impressive. I truly wish our president would feel as these people do and support the values and constitution of the United States.

Student computers

I hope for a minimum of somewhere between 15 and 50 communitywide meetings to discuss the pros and cons of providing computers for public school students to use in ways which to this point have not to any degree been explained satisfactorily.

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