Donald Robison was named a Missouri Older Worker of the Year

Monday, December 3, 2012
Donald Robison bags groceries for a customer at Schnuck's Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012 in Cape Girardeau. (Laura Simon)

Working hard just comes naturally to Donald Robison. Whether he's on the job at Schnucks or at home with his wife, Dorothy, Robison always has some sort of project going.

"I'm always working on something," says Robison, who is 76 years old.

That hard work ethic is one of the reasons Robison was named the 2012 Missouri Older Worker of the Year by the Missouri Department of Economic Development/Division of Workforce Development and the Department of Health and Senior Services.

Robison's background is in electrical work.

"I worked for Precise Metal Products in Phoenix for 36 years," he says. "I was an electrician for 25 years. Then, I became an electrical supervisor and head of maintenance there. My son currently works (where I did) as a precision sheet metal mechanic."

Robison's electrical background has come in handy at Schnucks, where he has worked as a bagger for the last four years.

"If something here at the store breaks, I try to fix it," Robison says. "It's just something that I volunteer to do."

Robison bags groceries at Schnucks with plenty of courtesy and enthusiasm, always offering to help customers out to their cars with their purchases.

He stays just as busy when he's off work. Robison recently cleared about five acres of brush on land that surrounds his home in Marble Hill, Mo., and is currently building a spa with a hot tub for his wife, Dorothy, who is disabled.

"I also take Dorothy to therapy three times a week," he says.

In addition to their son, Thomas, the Robisons have four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Robison says it's his memory from playing in a band that keeps him so active.

"When I was younger, I played guitar in a band and we used to play at several progressive elderly homes and nursing homes," he says. "When I saw people that could no longer do the things they enjoyed, I thought, I don't ever want to be like that. I want to always stay active and go out of this world kickin'!"

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