Lamenting autumn

Sunday, December 2, 2012

As lightning racing among raindrops

Autumn flashed through my hand,

Brilliant in its moment

Now taking a seat in my stand.

A week ago I absorbed her balms.

I fell in with the maple's alms,

Grand before old oaks and elms.

Oranges, yellows, reds and browns

Dancing as though trees were clowns.

Dragged into the never of November

Too soon too late I will to walk it back.

But the leaves have fallen!

The snow geese above are callin'

While the sun pours through the limbs,

And children practice Christmas hymns.

I'm grasping now for Autumn

As she is falling asleep.

My camera rests on circling waves

Stirred by the last of falling leaves.

Their reflections and ripples wave farewell.

And if leaves could cry,

Oh the stories they would tell!

Through the Woods is a weekly nature photo column by Aaron Horrell. Find this column at to order a reprint of the photo. Find more work by Aaron at The Painted Wren Gallery.

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