Speak Out 11/30/12

Friday, November 30, 2012

Food banks

I would like to suggest that some food banks in the area might switch from food to other needed nonfood items such as soap, toothpaste, trash bags, etc. Most of your clients already receive food stamps and food for their children at school. However, the truly needy often are forced to sell or trade part of their food allotment for soap and toilet paper. Just a thought for today.

No real service

The ideal times were 1980-2000. Today, it's too complicated. Things that should be simple just aren't. When you pick up a phone and call a company you get automated answers and no real service.

McCain, foreign policy

Sen. John McCain has apparently become the de facto spokesperson for the Republican Party on matters of foreign policy. This may be another indication of the GOP's sooner-than-expected demise.

Double standard

I had to laugh when I read the Speak Out from the person wanting to get Limbaugh, Hannity and any other conservative person off the air. Just shows that even though 95 percent of the media is liberal, they still feel threatened by a few conservatives that tell the truth. They are all for free speech as long as it is liberal in nature. What a double standard they live.

Employee wages

With all of the improvements being made to Cape Girardeau, and now the talk of a trolley system, I'd say it's time for the city to give back to its employees and finally grant them a raise after a five-year wage freeze. The citizens' livelihood is much more important than cosmetic improvements to the city.

Corporate socialism

I love the collective cacophony of columnists who spill a lot of ink defending and promoting what they seem to think is free market capitalism in America when the economic system that predominates (and surely they know this) is corporate socialism.

Christmas, taxes

I have canceled Christmas thanks to Obama. My recent check had 30 percent taken out for taxes. I will not get that back, and it will get worse in 2013. That money would have been spent in our local economy. Instead, it will go to entitlement programs and illegal immigrants. Food stamps and unemployment checks are not stimulus programs since income is taken from us to fund those programs just so Obama could get re-elected. Obama can't give people that money without first taking it from someone else first. It is shameful our country chooses entitlements over paychecks.

Movies, tax credits

I was proud that Hollywood movies like "Winter's Bone" and "Up in the Air" were shot in Missouri until I found out that Missouri offers tax credits to Hollywood for making such flicks. As a result, Missouri taxpayers helped finance the making of these films.

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