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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kind person

My husband and I were at a local restaurant on Veterans Day and some kind person paid for our lunch. We don't know who, but thanks very much.

Leaf pickup

I have raked and blown my leaves and my neighbor's, and there is still no sign of a leaf truck. The wind keeps blowing them back. One truck will not do it.

Ayn Rand

This year, the movie "Atlas Shrugged" [based on the book] by Ayn Rand opened. This edifies those who have money and hold onto what they have. Ayn Rand in her old age didn't have money. It's a good thing there was a government in place. She had to be talked into going into Medicare. It's good to have a government that cares, and I'm certainly glad Obama got four more years.

Secession talk

The states that are wanting to secede from the union are being childish. I don't know where that's coming from, probably from the party that lost the election. Let's see how they do after the next disaster.

Sewage problem

I was hoping someone would regulate the dumping of sewage on Randol Avenue. I don't know how they can get away with endangering people in the area. The city should look into this instead of inventing problems that don't exist.

Dems, Kennedy

It seems the Democrats have done an about face from when John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Now it seems like it's all about taking.

Stock market, Obama

I noticed Obama's theme for his re-election was "Forward!" I don't think the stock market caught on to that, because it keeps going down since he got re-elected.

Who's running things?

Does it seem odd that President Obama said he didn't know anything about Libya, Fast and Furious, Petraeus or Allen? Who is supposed to be running the country? It's not the president; he doesn't seem to know what's going on.

America, Europe

It turns out the Europeans are way ahead of us. They turned socialist way before we did, and they've run out of money so they're cutting back. The people are starting to riot because they don't want to cut back on spending. It will happen here. I just hope it's not too bad.

Superstorm Sandy

I would like to comment on the tragedy of superstorm Sandy. My heart goes out to those people. They are hard-working taxpaying people.

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